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Temperature is important in a vehicle. Both the temperature in the cabin and under the hood. At Automobile Diagnostics, we think it is important to keep your vehicle at the right temperature all year long. After all, with as much time as you spend in your vehicle, shouldn’t you be comfortable? If you need to get your vehicle’s air conditioning back in check, call on the team that delivers the best auto AC repair in Columbus, IN, Automobile Diagnostics.

AC / Heating Repair

Auto AC Repair Columbus IN

When your vehicle’s air conditioning system fails, it can leave you an uncomfortable, sweaty, mess. At Automobile Diagnostics, we recommend that you have your vehicle’s AC serviced before summer turns up the heat. We can inspect your system for any issues and even give your AC a recharge to ensure that you feel great all season long.

We also recommend that you know the signs that your vehicle’s AC is in trouble so you can bring your vehicle in for repair before it is too hot. The most common symptoms of auto AC problems include:

  • Your dashboard is leaking
  • The air from your vents isn’t blowing as strong or cold as it used to
  • There is a foul odor coming from your AC
  • You hear new whirring or whining noises when your air is on
  • Your vehicle’s AC just can’t keep you cool

Anytime your vehicle’s air conditioning changes behavior, it is a cause for concern. But catching it early is key. If your auto AC is acting up in Columbus, IN, contact the experts at Automobile Diagnostics to schedule an appointment.

Auto Heater Repair Columbus IN

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t the only thing that needs to be tended to. Have you ever gotten into your vehicle during a cold snap and realized the heater isn’t working? Not only can being too cold feel uncomfortable, it simply isn’t good for you. If your vehicle’s heater isn’t keeping you warm, Automobile Diagnostics can help with radiator and cooling system repair.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

Whether you are feeling too hot or too cold in your vehicle, Automobile Diagnostics is your source for automotive AC and heater repair in Columbus, IN. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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