Automobile Diagnostics Can Replace the Exhaust Manifold if It Is Leaking

When it comes to auto service and repair, you can count on Automobile Diagnostics in Columbus for everything that your car, truck, or utility vehicle needs. You may never have this problem, but if you have been driving your automobile when the engine is running too hot, you may end up with a cracked exhaust manifold or a blown manifold gasket. The following things occur when this happens.

Sluggish Engine Performance

Once the exhaust starts to leak out of the cracked manifold or gasket, your engine’s performance will become sluggish. This is because the engine is filling up with exhaust gases that affect its ability to produce combustion. Consequently, you will notice problems with the engine’s performance when you accelerate and when you are driving at higher speeds.

Noticeable Gas Mileage Reduction

As if the performance problems were not enough, you will also see a noticeable reduction in your vehicle’s gas mileage. This is because the engine actually burns more fuel when it is having problems producing combustion. Consequently, until we replace the exhaust manifold or the exhaust manifold gasket, you will have to fill the tank more often.

Strong Burning Odors in the Engine

Another sign that you have a manifold or gasket that is leaking is strong burning odors coming from the engine. As the exhaust escapes through the leak and fills the engine, it is hot enough to burn susceptible auto parts that are made from plastic or rubber. You will smell them melting.

Strong Exhaust Odors in the Cabin

You may also end up with exhaust odors inside your automobile. If this is the case, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you pull over and call for a tow truck to bring your vehicle to our shop. Do not drive your automobile if you can smell the exhaust.

Strange Noises at Engine Start-Up

If you do suspect that you have a cracked manifold or manifold gasket, start your vehicle when the engine is cold and listen for strange noises. If you hear tapping or hissing, you indeed have a cracked manifold or cracked manifold gasket.

Illuminated CEL Dashboard Warning

Finally, because the exhaust is filling the engine, various system sensors are going to report malfunctions to your automobile’s main computer chip. As such, you will end up with an illuminated check engine light on the dashboard until we replace the cracked exhaust system part.

Automotive Diagnostics in Columbus, IN, would be happy to help so call us today to set up a service visit for your vehicle.

Photo by Fertnig from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro