Car Care Club

Join Our Car Care Club!

Need To Know How To Get $400.00 Worth Of Automobile Diagnostics Auto Repair Services For Only $109.00? 

Membership Has Its Privileges: When you join the Car Care Club at Automobile Diagnostics, you become one of the family and instantly eligible for hundreds of dollars in savings over the next year. When you join Automobile Diagnostics’ Car Care Club and become a member, you’ll receive a special Car Care Club Card filled to the brim with the following automobile offers and services: 

car care club

  • FREE – FOUR Oil Changes (A $152.00 Value)
  • FREE – Tow in (Up to a $60.00 Value) 
  • $35.00 off – Brakes (Front or Rear) 
  • $30.00 off – Air Conditioning Services
  • $30.00 off – Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • $30.00 off – Fuel System Induction Service 
  • $25.00 off – Fluid Exchange Service 
  • $25.00 off – Buyer’s Choice – Save On Any  Service Over $200.00 
  • Buy one get one free wipers ($20.00 value) 



If you add up all the offers and possible savings with Automobile Diagnostics Car Care Club, you are looking at saving nearly $400 in just one year! Not every Car Care Club service is for every member, but the four free oil changes make this one easily worth the price of admission.  

Got more than one car? That’s great! The Automobile Diagnostics Car Care Club will cover all your vehicles. Driving a newer car that may not need all the services? Lend your membership to a friend, a spouse, a child, whoever, and let them enjoy the benefits of the Car Care Club. Heck, the Car Care Club Card can even make a great gift for just about anyone who owns a car. 

At Automobile Diagnostics in Columbus, IN, we do well when our customers do well. That’s why we are proud to offer membership to the money-saving Car Care Club and the Car Care Club Card. Come on into Automobile Diagnostics and let us make you a customer for life.


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