Do I Need to Drop a New Engine in My Automobile?

Automobile Diagnostics advises that there will come a time eventually when you need to drop a new engine into your automobile if you plan to keep it instead of buying a new one. We can help with this when the time comes. We can also partially rebuild your engine if it needs it. Let’s talk about the serious problems that can cause a need for a new engine.

Constant Overheating

One thing that can happen is your engine can start to overheat constantly no matter how you drive. This can be a sign that you have a cracked engine block, a cracked head gasket, a cracked exhaust manifold gasket, or a serious problem with the cooling system. In the case of the latter three, we can likely repair the problem by partially rebuilding the engine. If the engine block is cracked, you may need a new engine.

Excessive Engine Exhaust

You never want to see too much exhaust coming out of the tailpipe. When this happens, you may have one of the problems discussed above. For example, engine coolant can spray out of a cracked head gasket and cause white exhaust. Motor oil can leak out of a cracked head gasket and cause blue exhaust. The thing that causes black exhaust is gasoline or diesel fuel, and you never want this leaking in the engine.

Knocking All the Time

You may end up with a damaged cylinder block if your engine is knocking all the time. This is a sign that the rods and pistons are slamming against the cylinder walls because the rod bearings are worn out. If you ignore the knocking sound, the pistons can eventually damage the cylinder block. In order to repair this, a partial engine rebuild is needed. If the damage is extreme, we may need to replace the automobile’s engine.

Metal Shavings in the Oil

This problem requires a new engine because the engine is disintegrating. If you see metal shavings in the motor oil, do not drive your automobile. Your engine is dissolving into the motor oil as it circulates. There is no way to repair this. We have to replace the engine to stop the metal from disintegrating.

Finally, Automobile Diagnostics in Columbus, IN, advises that there may come a time when your engine starts to experience significant power loss for no explicable reason. Unfortunately, this is a sign that the engine’s life is over and it’s time to replace it.

Photo by aopsan from Getty Images via Canva Pro