Five Reasons Why Brakes Squeal All the Time

Automobile Diagnostics advises that your brakes shouldn’t squeal. Period. They might squeak a little when the roads are wet, but other than that, squealing brakes are a sign of trouble. If the squealing is accompanied by burning smells, you are definitely in trouble because your brakes are too hot. Let’s talk about the reasons why your brakes might be squealing all the time.

1. Brake Pads

The brake pads will squeal for two primary reasons. First of all, they will start squealing when they are getting too low. This is a sign that you need to replace your brake pads because the friction-inducing materials are worn down to the backings. Brake pads will also squeal when they are “glazed.” This means that they are too hot, and you may also smell the heat every time you use your brakes.

2. Glazed Rotors

The rotors are the metal surface against which the brake pads press to create friction to stop your automobile. They originally have a cut surface and this, alongside the rough brake pad surface, is what creates the kinetic energy and stopping power. If the rotors get too hot, they will glaze along with the brake pads, and you may lose your ability to stop once the temperatures reach critical mass.

3. Anti-Rattle Clips

Your brake pads remain in place because they are secured by pad stays and anti-rattle clips. The anti-rattle clips are designed to prevent the brake pads from wiggling or vibrating when you apply the brakes. If the clips break, or they wear down, your brake pads will wobble when you apply the brakes. This can make the pads squeal as your vehicle slows down and stops.

4. Pad Insulation

The backing of the brake pad is protected by insulation between the brake pad in the caliper. This insulation prevents squealing brakes. The insulation is there on cars because it is installed when the car is assembled in the factory. If the insulation is not replaced when you have a new set of brake pads installed on your brakes, your brakes will squeal until you get insulation between the pads and calipers.

5. Rotor Surface

Finally, as we mentioned above, the rotors have a surface cut to help them stop your automobile. The rotors deal with friction every time you apply the brakes. Over time, the constant pressure smooths out and warps the rotor surface. If your brakes are squealing all the time, it could be that your rotors need to be resurfaced and recut in order to restore their functionality.

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Photo by Latino Life via Canva Pro