How Often Do I Need My Brakes Serviced?

Frequent brake inspections make sure that your brake system is operating as it should be. The general recommendation is every 12,000 miles or six months. This does not necessarily mean that your brakes will need to be serviced at this time. Generally, the brake system is serviced every 30,000 miles, but check your owner’s manual for the specific mileage milestone. Automobile Diagnostics would be happy to inspect your brake system when it needs it and also service or repair it.

ABS/Brake Warning

Let’s talk about the signs there is something wrong with your brake system. One of the first things that might happen is your ABS or Brake light might turn on to alert you of trouble. The ABS light covers the antilock brake system. The Brake light covers the rest of the brake system including the parking brake.

Burning/Hot Odors

If your brakes smell hot, especially if it is a sharp or chemical odor, your brake system is overheating. This odor is a sign that the brake fluid has reached the boiling point. If your brake pads have glazed, you might also smell an odor that resembles burning carpets. Don’t drive your automobile with overheating brakes.

Leaking Brake Fluid

Brake fluid leaking from the system can indicate a problem with the master cylinder or brake hoses. Brake fluid is usually brown but some brands come in red. Leaking brake fluid can make it impossible to stop your automobile because the brake system needs fluid in order to operate.

Pulling to the Side

If your car, truck, or utility vehicle pulls to the side when you apply the brakes, you have a stuck caliper on that wheel. We can replace the caliper that is sticking to prevent your vehicle from pulling.

Spongy Brake Pedal

A spongy brake pedal or a brake pedal that gives way is a sign that the master cylinder is going bad. This can also be a symptom of air in the brake lines. The resistance your brake pedal affords your foot should never change.

Squealing or Grinding

Squealing brakes can also be an indication that the brakes are overheating. Another reason why your brakes might squeal is that you need to replace the brake pads. If you fail to do so, your brakes will eventually grind when you use them.

Call Automobile Diagnostics in Columbus, IN, today to schedule a brake inspection for your automobile. We will let you know if the brake system needs any services or repairs.

Photo by coolboysl55 from Getty Images via Canva Pro