Let Automobile Diagnostics Change Your Oil to Avoid a Clogged Oil Filter

Automobile Diagnostics can change your oil every 3,000 miles to make certain that your engine always has a clean oil filter in it. You may not believe this, but something as simple as a clogged oil filter can actually damage your engine beyond repair. This is just one reason why regular oil changes are crucial to your engine’s health and longevity. Below, we are going to list the signs that you need a new oil filter.

Sputtering Engine Performance

The oil filter has the distinct function of cleaning the dirt and grime out of the motor oil after it has circulated through the engine rather than before. This ensures that you always have clean oil flowing through the engine. As the oil filter gets dirty, it is unable to trap all of the dirt found in the motor oil. Consequently, the oil deposits this dirt throughout the engine and causes it to sputter and lag.

Noticeable Gas Mileage Reduction

Consequently, you are going to notice a reduction in your vehicle’s gas mileage because the engine is not running efficiently. As the engine struggles to produce the power you are demanding from it, it will burn extra gasoline or diesel fuel. Consequently, if you keep track of your gas mileage, you’re going to see a slow and steady reduction as the oil filter gets dirtier and dirtier.

Changes in the Oil’s Pressure

Your automobile’s main computer chip, the engine control module, is also going to turn on the oil light on the vehicle’s dashboard because the oil filter directly affects the oil pressure in the engine. Unfortunately, it reduces it, which means you do not have as much oil circulating through the engine as you should have. This can start to damage the engine slowly.

Strange Noises in the Engine

Eventually, the oil pressure is going to be reduced so much that you will no longer have oil circulating through the engine. This is the point at which your engine can be damaged beyond repair. You will hear the engine parts grinding against each other. These metallic noises should never be ignored. Rather, it is crucial that you stop driving your automobile right away and have it towed to our shop.

Finally, Automobile Diagnostics in Columbus, IN, advises that dirty motor oil circulating through the engine can cause an increase in the hydrocarbons found in your vehicle’s exhaust. Consequently, your automobile will not be able to pass an emissions test if you live in an area that requires them.

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