My Car Won’t Go Straight!

If your car, truck, or C/SUV veers to the right or left when you are steering straight, the wheels need to be realigned. Misaligned wheels are just one of the suspension problems that we here at Automobile Diagnostics are going to talk about in this blog post. We can repair your vehicle’s suspension when it needs it. Here are other signs that your suspension is going bad.

Feeling All of the Bumps

If you feel every bump in the road, the struts and shocks need to be replaced. These are these suspension parts that are designed to absorb the uneven pavement so you don’t feel it in the passenger cabin. If your ride is bumpy and rough, the struts and shocks are no longer able to absorb the uneven pavement. They need to be replaced to restore your comfortable ride.

A Corner Sits Too Low

A broken suspension spring will make one corner of your automobile sit lower than the other corners. Take a good look at your vehicle if it is parked on even pavement. Check to see that it is sitting evenly on all four wheels. If it isn’t, the low corner is the wheel that has the broken suspension spring. As you go over bumps, that wheel may also make a clunking sound.

Vehicle Momentum Motion

Getting back to the struts and shocks, they also control your vehicle’s momentum motion. In other words, they prevent the vehicle body from tilting when you turn around corners. They also prevented from lunging forward when you stop and lunging backward when you accelerate. Worn shocks and struts will be unable to control this momentum motion.

Problems Steering the Car

Another sign that your vehicle’s suspension needs to be serviced is if you are having problems steering your car. This can be an issue with the steering system or a problem with the axles. If you have a cracked axle, you may be unable to steer your automobile. It can also be difficult to steer the vehicle if the power steering pump is going bad or you have low power steering fluid.

Greasy Shock Absorbers

Finally, if you suspect that your shocks and struts need to be replaced, reach up underneath your rear wheels to see if the shock absorbers feel greasy. If they do, they are leaking the internal fluid that they used to help absorb road bumps and uneven pavement.

Again, Automobile Diagnostics in Columbus, IN, can inspect your suspension and repair it if necessary. Call us today for an appointment.