Signs of a Bad Vehicle Suspension

Let’s talk about your car, truck, or C/SUV’s suspension. Automobile Diagnostics can service the suspension when it needs it. A check every 15,000 miles doesn’t hurt. We can also repair the suspension if something goes wrong, i.e., the shocks and struts should be replaced every 50,000 miles. Your vehicle’s suspension may send you a message if it is going bad. Here are the signs of a bad suspension.

Diving or Squatting

Your vehicle’s body would react to its momentum if it weren’t for the suspension. If it weren’t for the shocks and struts, the automobile would dive when you apply the brakes, squat when you press down on the accelerator, or lean when you turn corners. If it does this, the shocks and struts are worn.

Feeling Every Bump

Another sign that the shocks and struts are worn is feeling every bump in the road when you drive over it. This is a sign that these suspension parts are no longer able to absorb the uneven pavement as they were designed to do. As we mentioned in the introduction to this blog post, plan to have the shocks and struts replaced every 50,000 miles or when your vehicle manufacturer recommends it.

Low-Sitting Corner

You may have a broken suspension spring on one wheel if your notice your vehicle leaning lower on that wheel. You may have heard the spring break if you heard a loud clunk from that wheel while you were driving. You will continue to hear that wheel clunk every time you drive over bumps.

Oily Shock Absorbers

Discussing shock absorbers again, another sign that they need to be replaced is if they are covered in oil. This oil is actually coming from the shocks themselves. As they age, they start to leak their internal fluid all over themselves. Consequently, oily shocks mean you need new shocks installed.

Pulling to the Side

Your wheel alignment is part of your vehicle’s suspension, and pulling to the side is a sign that the wheels are no longer aligned. You may also notice that your steering wheel logo is crooked when you are driving straight. Both of these things point to the need for a wheel alignment service.

Steering Problems

Finally, steering problems are suspension problems. If your steering is stiff, unresponsive, or noisy, head straight to our shop. We will inspect the steering system and make any necessary repairs.

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Photo by tarasov_vl from Getty Images via Canva Pro